Executive Coaching

The Executive Coaching Experience.

“When asked a friend whose life and business was suddenly skyrocketing how she did it, she had two words for us: Doug Winnie.”

Like most people, we all get out of bed every morning with varying levels of hope, motivation, ambition, drive, dreams and lists of things to get done.  We do this in the faith and belief that we can make a difference in our lives and to others by applying our dedicated work and our best intentions to a short or long term plan. We also believe that the sum result of our efforts will bring long-term achievement, and rewards.

Sometimes, day after day and year after year these results seem just as far away from materializing as they did seven years or more prior.

“Now we too are succeeding and Doug’s coaching is the key factor.  Doug is the consummate professional, lending his years of extensive experience and fine-tuned coaching skills to every aspect of our goals and plans. As a husband-wife team, communication is imperative and each week Doug gets us to the core issues of ‘why’ and keeps us motivated and inspired. He sets the bar high and makes us want to clear it!”

Like many of our clients, it is not their will to achieve, nor lack of ambition, and it is not their experience, capability or skills. It is not due to the lack of a good plan and it is not that they don’t work hard or put in the hours.  For one reason or many reasons they are simply failing to execute the critical factors that will make a difference to their results.

Executive Coaching takes an objective analysis of the client’s situation and works on the premise that for things to change, things MUST change.  Using communication and behavior analysis an Executive Coach can identify small challenges that when tested and modified, can make significant changes in the results a person achieves.

While on the surface the communication between Doug and his clients is about getting to the core issues.  Doug is using a very refined coaching technique of challenging paradigms that hold us in habitual patterns.  He is digging for information and confirmation well advanced of where most conversations stop.

He uses a plan that week by week builds on the previous conversations to advance the clients understanding of what actually may be holding them back from the successes they have been chasing.  These are not his opinions by the way; these are building on the weekly blocks of new understandings and enlightenment that the clients themselves have gained through Doug’s communication techniques.

Consistently being told by someone what else you ‘should be doing’, ‘need to be doing’ or ‘should stop doing’ is certainly not motivating for anyone and can be annoying and demotivating.  Executive Coaching is a specialist field of asking the right questions, allowing discovery and reflection and supporting a client often through a large or small personal and professional break-through.

The coaching relationship is built on integrity, trust and open dialogue that changes from week to week depending on the client needs and their goals for coaching.

The coaching relationship is a binding commitment to change on both sides of the relationship.   Your unique situation and needs requires both the coach and client to commit to seeing with new eyes every session, and to commit to honesty in observation, communication, participation and application.

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Executive Coaching

With our growing global reach of trained Executive Coaches you can find an ActionCOACH Executive Coach in your area,  or negotiate your coaching to be organised on-line or via internet communication such as Skype.

Like you,  our coaches have a range of corporate and life experience so we suggest you research the Executive Coaches that you may wish to work with.  Our website lists all our coaches via their location or alternatively you can contact our global Executive Coach Director who can discuss with you your particular needs and coaching outcomes.  You will be given the names of coaches that match your preferences and or industry backgrounds because having the right coach is an important factor for getting results.

You will find our website at www.exec.actioncoach.com

Its never too early to take action to Advance your Career,  Transform a Company,  and Achieve Incredible Results.

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a billion dollar industry today,  and the reasons why people choose to have an Executive Coach can be as individual as the person themselves. While every relationship between a coach and client is different and every client’s specific need and situation will differ,  the following list represents some of the more generic decision making factors for choosing an Executive Coach.

1. Executive Coaching is for individuals with an overreaching need and willingness to grow. Executives seeking the services of an executive coach have a need and willingness to change and grow on a professional as well as personal level. Executive coaching (with a competent executive coach) speeds up the process and helps the executive achieve results in a shorter span of time.

2. Executive Coaching helps executives become more attuned to their behaviors and skills. Self-awareness is not about ‘what should be’ -it’s about ‘what is.’ Smart executives place a high priority on becoming self-aware and realize that executive coaches can help them master this skill. Moreover, executive coaching uses experiential and reflective processes to increase the awareness of the executive, so that experience is useful.

3. Executive coaching helps executives achieve personal mastery: This also has to do with becoming more self-aware as discussed above. The fact that today’s leaders and executives have to juggle through a myriad of issues, including finances, technology, management, team and leadership, human resources, etc… when it is not humanly possible for one single person to be adept at each of these issues, brings about a need for achieving personal mastery. Executive coaching makes it easy for executives to gain personal mastery. Through personal mastery, an executive coach is able to help these executives recognize what they excel at and what can be passed onto the team –leading to better results.

4. Executive coaching helps executives use their mistakes to learn. Leaders and peak performing executives view mistakes in a positive light and learn from them. It is these executives that welcome feedback from their executive coaches in order to grow. Executive coaching helps the executive recognize this to further their learning and performance.

5. Executive coaching helps executives review and learn from personal experiences. Through self-reflection, great leaders and peak performing executives are able to learn and grow. In order to be successful, executives need to look back at personal experiences and learn from them. Executive coaching plays a vital role here as executive coaches know how to spark the process of self-reflection so the executives can use the valuable learning, which accrues from this process and apply it to their lives.

6. Executive coaching helps executives recognize and overcome internal hindrances to achieving goals. Many executives are not aware of or may simply choose to ignore their blind spots. This can be rather dangerous, especially for executives who are on the top. This is where executive coaching plays a vital role. An executive coach is gifted with the unique ability to shine the mirror on these areas so the executives are not only able to recognize and gain an awareness of the problem, but also take the necessary steps to eliminate the same.

7. Executive coaching helps executives balance the demands of task orientation with people orientation. High performing executives need to maintain focus on tasks, while keeping up a people focus to balance the two. Executive coaches play a critical role in this area.

8. Executive coaching helps executives identify pertinent learning goals. It is critical that in order to be successful in today’s competitive business environment, leaders constantly sharpen the saw. Executive coaching helps an executive effectively recognize and select key learning goals and objectives, which are beneficial to executives as well as their organizations. As soon as these goals and objectives are set by their executive coaches, these executives can begin enjoying the journey, which is leveraged and exciting.

9. Executive coaching helps executives spot and employ existing assets to obtain strategic objectives.Executive coaching effectively helps the executive appreciate and identify the assets, which exist within the organization. In this manner, executive coaches help their clients successfully reach organizational objectives.

10. Executive coaching helps executives maintain a healthy work-life balance. In today’s highly competitive and stressful environment, it can be a real challenge to maintain a healthy life-work balance. Executive coaching keeps the various facets of an executive in mind to help them maintain proper balance in all areas of their lives.

11. Executive coaches encourage sharing coaching tools with colleagues and others within the organization.The executive coaching process expands a person’s horizons by opening him up to new perspectives, ideas and ways of thinking. Executive coaching also brings in new tools, etc., which can be shared with colleagues throughout the organization.

12. Executive coaching helps executives develop a career and life game plan. Executive coaching positions executives for success as their executive coaches help them devise a strategic game plan for their careers.

Executive coaching is a process –one that evolves over time. The benefits of executive coaching are enormous if you are ready to approach it with an open mind and enjoy the process

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Executive Coaching

How can you leverage your current skills, experience and resources in today’s fast paced economy?

How can you stay competitive in an increasingly competitive world?

To advance your career you need to execute peak performance which is important because;

  • High performing executives achieve more
  • High performing teams deliver more
  • High performing companies make more profits and enjoy more market share.

For those who are ready to take their careers to the next level, an executive coach can take you there.

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